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How do I back up my authored plants, user pictures, Garden Studio data, MyLists, user notes, and print layouts?

  1. All of the above data, except MyLists and print layouts, are stored in the Horticopia Data folder. If you wish to back it up, start the HORTICOPIA® Control Panel by selecting Launch Control Panel from the Tools menu.
  2. Go to the Setup tab.
  3. Then click on Copy (backup) HORTICOPIA Data Folder.
  4. The program will then prompt you to select a location for the copy.

    If you need to restore data, simply use the Import HORTICOPIA Data from a different location button to browse to a previously saved Horticopia Data Folder.

Saving MyLists®, Layouts and User notes

  • The default location for documents saved within HORTICOPIA Professional is your [My] DocumentsHorticopia\Local Documents folder
  • If you used the deault locations, then to backup MyLists and layouts, copy the folder, Horticopia, that is located in your [My] Documents.
  • To restore MyLists, layouts and user notes, replace the Horticopia folder in the [My] Documents folder with the saved Horticopia folder.
  • Note that watermark sheets are also saved in this folder
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