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PDF Printer Issues


With the release of Windows 10 (actually since 8.1), Microsoft has included a PDF printer named Microsoft Print to PDF. HORTICOPIA® Professional releases since Version 5.2 will use the built-in Microsoft PDF printer if it is present.

  • Older versions of the Professional, as well as newer versions where the Microsoft Print to PDF is not found, will use the HorticopiaPDF printer, which is installed during Setup.
  • If you have Version 5.2 or newer and the Microsoft Print to PDF printer, you may delete the HorticopiaPDF printer.

The Save as PDF option appearing in the Print Preview of a document requires either the Microsoft Print to PDF printer or the HorticopiaPDF printer. If there are any issues with the Save as PDF, then you can use a third party PDF printer and use the Print function instead of Save as PDF

One free third party printer that we've found to work well is CutePDF Writer. You may download it from

If you have a current version of HORTICOPIA® Professional and you don't have Microsoft Print to PDF (i.e., you're on Windows 7), you can download the CutePDF Writer and, after it's installed, rename it to Microsoft Print to PDF.

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