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Recreating LocalDB instance


When installing the SQL Server LocalDB on a computer that's been upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous Windows system with SQL Server 2005 installed prior to the upgrade, subsequent LocalDB installations have been shown to not work properly. This procedure is designed to work around this situation.

Another issue which is resolved by following the instructions in this tech memo is when you get a message from Windows stating Your SQL Server installation is corrupt or has been tampered with.

1. Open a Windows command prompt window (You can do a Windows search for command )

2. Enter

            sqllocaldb  i

This will list all if the SQLLocalDB instances that have been created

3. You should see an instance named MSSQLLocalDB

     Go to Step 5 if you do not see MSSQLLocalDB listed

4. Enter the following in the command prompt

            sqllocaldb p MSSQLLocalDB -k

            sqllocaldb d MSSQLLocalDB

5. Enter the following in the command prompt

            sqllocaldb c MSSQLLocalDB

            sqllocaldb s MSSQLLocalDB


If, on subsequent launches of Horticopia Professional an error again occurs regarding the LocalDB, then open the command prompt and enter

            sqllocaldb s MSSQLLocalDB

You can save this command line as a text file with an extension of ".cmd" and then just double-click the text filename to cause the command to be executed.

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