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How do I completely uninstall Horticopia Professional?


This Knowledge Base article applies to Horticopia Professional Version V as well as the Horticopia Education editions.

1. Uninstall Horticopia Professional and any other items with Horticopia in them from the Windows Programs and Features control panel

2. In the Programs or Programs (x86) folder delete the Horticopia folder if it's still there. Network installations usually have the Horticopia folder in the root directory. You may need to search your hard drives if you installed in a non-default location and don't know where it is.

3. Delete the Horticopia Data folder. 

  • For newer standalone (Version 5.1 and later) versions of Horticopia Professional, the Horticopia Data folder is stored in Public Documents. For Windows 7, look in Documents\Public Documents; for Windows 10, look in C:\Users\Public\Public Documents
  • For network versions, the Horticopia Data folder is normally stored in the Horticopia folder of the root directory. You may need to search your hard drives if you installed in a non-default location and don't know where it is. Be sure to search for the entire name Horticopia Data (with a space between Horticopia and Data)
  • If you get an access denied or similar error when trying to delete the Horticopia Data folder, you should stop the SQL Server service and then delete the folder. If you don't know how to stop the service, you can restart the computer and then delete the Horticopia Data folder.

4. It is not necessary to delete references to Horticopia in the registry but if you wish to remove these references, simply search for Horticopia in the registry and then delete those entries.

5. There is a Horticopia folder in the My Documents folder. This folder is the default location for documents saved from Horticopia Professional. These documents don't affect installation/uninstallation. Delete them only if you won't need them on a future Horticopia Professional installation.


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