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Importing a New Form


If we have emailed you a new form (NewForm.hfm),

  1. Drag the attached form to your desktop for ease of importing.
  2. From the HORTICOPIA menu bar, click on Tool/Launch Control Panel.  Click Yes to quit.
  3. When Control Panel display appears, click on the Garden Studio tab
  4. Click on Import a Form
  5. When the Locate the form to import window appears, browse your desktop to locate NewForm.hfm, click on it to select, then click on the Open button.
  6. When the Specify where to store the form window appears, the default location to store the from should be in Horticopia/ROData/Skeleton/Garden Studio/Forms.  If so, the just click on the Save button.  If not browse to that location before saving.
  7. Close the HORTICOPIA Control Panel.


  1. Go into the Garden Studio
  2. Click once on your template to select
  3. Click on the change Forms icon 
  4. When the Select Form window appears and under the Name of Form list, you should see your imported template.  If not, then begin opening the Forms folders on the left side of the window until your new template is listed under Name of Form.
  5. Single click on your form to select then click OK.
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