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Moving HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V (5.1 and earlier builds)



  • The new computer is running under Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Your HORTICOPIA® Professional is a standalone (not a network server) version
  • Your HORTICOPIA® Professional is not the Refresh system and the software is contained on a CD and the picture libraries are on a DVD.

Support Note

We will no longer support new installations that use the full Microsoft SQL Server (Express or other editions). The current HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V utilizes the Microsoft SQL Local database implementation which greatly simplifies both installation and configuration of the HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V software. 

The Horticopia Data folder

If you have added any of the following data to HORTICOPIA® Professional on your old computer:

  • Authored plants
  • Pictures added to existing HORTICOPIA® Professional plants
  • User notes added to the My Information tab for any plants
  • Garden Studio® templates that you have created or modified
  • Garden Studio® plant specific data that you have added to any plants under the Garden Studio® tab

and wish to use that data on the new computer, you will need to transfer the Horticopia Data folder.

  • Save the existing Horticopia Data folder on your old computer by following the instructions in:
  • You can also manually copy the Horticopia Data folder; to locate the folder, see
  • If the HORTICOPIA® Professional is no longer running on the old computer or you just have a disk backup of the data on the old computer, you should search the system disk or backup of your system disk data for Horticopia Data. Be sure to include hidden folders and files in the search. The Horticopia Data folder is typically in the Program Data folder or in the Public Documents folder.

If you do not have any of the data described above that needs to be transferred, keep it simple by not attempting to transfer the Horticopia Data folder.

If the HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V has been installed on the new computer, delete the Horticopia Data folder  

You must delete the existing Horticopia Data folder. If you have installed, but not run the program on the new computer, the Horticopia Data folder will not have been created.

Normally, you can:

  1. Open the Horticopia Control Panel (Start, All Programs, Horticopia Pro V, Horticopia Control Panel).
  2. Click on the Setup tab
  3. Click on Delete the Horticopia Data folder
  4. Let the software delete the Horticopia Data folder. 

If this doesn't work, search the system disk (C:) for Horticopia Data. Be sure to include hidden folders and files in the search. The Horticopia Data folder is typically in the Program Data folder or in the Public Documents folder. Once you locate it, delete it. (Be sure it's not your copy of the Horticopia Data folder from your old computer.)

Occasionally you won't be able to delete the Horticopia Data folder because the SQL Server has not released the database. The simplest way to resolve this, is to open the Windows Task Manager, select the Services tab, locate the SQL Server, and then right-click on it and select Stop Service

Download and install the current version of HORTICOPIA® Professional


  • If the software detects that HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V is already installed, you will be prompted for Update or New Install. You should choose Update.
  • If an existing installation is not detected, you will be prompted for a Standalone or Server installation.   Select Standalone.
  • In the unusual situation where you have inadvertently selected Server in a previous installation, you should first uninstall HORTICOPIA® Professional and then select New Install instead of Update if prompted.

Run the Program

  • The first time your run the program, you must Run as Administrator by right-clicking on the HORTICOPIA® Professional icon.
  • Even if you will be transferring the Horticopia Data folder from the old computer, you need to run the program in order for initialization to be completed.

Import Horticopia Data Folder

1.    On Computer NEW: 

  • If you are already in HORTICOPIA® Professional, from the Tools menu select Launch Control Panel and click on Yes when prompted to quit HORTICOPIA® Professional.
  • If you haven't started HORTICOPIA® Professional, go to Start, All Programs, Horticopia Pro V, Horticopia Control Panel.

2.    Click on the Setup tab, then click on Import HORTICOPIA Data from a different location.

3.    Locate the Horticopia Data folder from Computer OLD and let the data import complete. All of your data will be successfully transferred and usable on computer NEW.

All Done

It's a good idea to periodically back up your Horticopia Data. This is easily accomplished using the Setup tab in the Horticopia Control Panel. 

Your HORTICOPIA® Professional documents, such as lists and layouts, are simply Windows files and can be located anywhere on your system. They are stored by default in the folder My Documents\Horticopia\Local Documents, but you may store them elsewhere. The Horticopia Data folder backup does not back up these files.

See for more information.


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