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Alternate Picture Library Download


If you're having problems with the large download of the picture libraries after purchasing the software license, here's an alternate approach:

  1. Download the following file:
  2. Once you've downloaded it, create a new folder called HortProfPix. Your Public Documents is a good spot but it can also be in the Program Files\Horticopia folder or the root of your hard drive.
  3. Copy the entire contents of the zip file to the HortProfPix folder. This unzips the
  4. Open the Horticopia Control Panel (Start menu, Programs, Horticopia Pro EDU, Hortciopia Control Panel).
  5. Click on the Setup tab
  6. Click on Plant library Location
  7. Browse to the HortProfPix folder, select it, and click on OK
  8. You'll get a verification of the libraries found. You can now quit the Control Panel.
  9. Your picture libraries should now be available.
  10. You can delete the file at this point if everything looks OK.

Note: If you are running Paralells (or similar) on a Macintosh OS, be sure to do these steps in the Windows operating system, not the Macintosh OS.

We have tested these procedures with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Download procedures for Firefox, Chrome, etc. all vary.

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