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Where are my plant lists and print layouts stored?


Plant lists (MyLists) and print layouts are stored as Windows files. The plant lists have a default extension of ".hfr" and the print layouts have a default extension of of ".hfl"

The default location for these files is Documents\Horticopia\Local Documents (My Documents\Horticopia\Local Documents for older Windows systems). The user may choose any other location on their computer or network to save and open these files.

Plant list and print layout documents cannot be used by programs other than HORTICOPIA Professional.

Print layouts and plant lists may be opened by a different user from the one that created these files. As long as the user has the Horticopia libraries installed that were used to generate the plant list or layout, they can be opened.

Since plant lists and print layouts are Windows files, users can simply transfer these files to their new computer when switching computer systems.

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