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What are the System Requirements for HORTICOPIA® Professional?


Operating Systems

HORTICOPIA® Professional is designed for Microsoft Windows systems.

The minimum system requirement is Windows XP. Installation on Windows XP systems requires the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. This component is included with the HORTICOPIA® Professional software.

For ease of installation, Horticopia recommends Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

For a Server environment with a HORTICOPIA® Professional network license, Windows Server 2008 or later is recommended. Windows Vista or later "professional" versions can also be used for a HORTICOPIA® Professional server subject to Microsoft's restrictions on the number of concurrent users.

It is also possible to run HORTICOPIA® Professional networking in a Windows XP (Professional) or Windows Server 2003 environment, although installation and configuration is more complex for these environments.

Disk storage

In addition to the software installation, which requires from 500 mBytes to 1.5 GBytes, depending on what components are already present on the user's system, the basic picture library requires 4.5 GBytes. Optional additional libraries can add as much as an additional 6 GBytes.


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