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How do I install HORTICOPIA under Windows 8?


This installation method applies ONLY to standalone installations on Windows 8. It is not for network (Server) installations or for client installations.

1. Download the current software CD image for HORTICOPIA® Professional Version 5.1 from

2. Be sure to save the file somewhere where you can easily find it. The desktop is a good place.

3. When the download is complete, RIGHT-CLICK on V51.iso and select mount. If mount is not available, select Open with.. and then File Explorer 


4. The CD Image should open. Double-click on Setup. You can choose Update if HORTICOPIA® Professional is already installed on this computer.


5. After installation is complete, you must Run as Administrator the first time. To do so, right-click on the HORTICOPIA® Professional icon and select Run as Administrator.

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